About Us:

Shanmuga Customer Service, a self styling Service organization in Tirunelveli city, blossomed in 2012 under the management of the young, dynamic person Mr. R. Shanmugam. With all these collar started with small packages, This Organization has grown to a huge trunk of a tree with its branches and contacts spread over globally.

Our Main goal is to provide a splendid service to the clients. The finest hotels, luxury vehicles for transportation, well versed guides and the personal attention are our specialties. The service includes the most economical and competitive ticket fares and other travel facilities. We have well trained and knowledgeable staff working with us for over a decade to prepare itineraries and guidelines that save money and time while on domestic tours.

Our travel agency supports passport handling, online e-ticketing, railway bookings, documentation for tourists, students, businessmen, honeymooners and various other people travelling for different purposes. The network, we are having with air, rail and road with strange accommodation (including Cruise bookings) has always been the talk of the town.

The untiring management continues to render its services very sincerely for further upgradation of business for the fullest satisfaction to the customers. Our motto is "We believe that what is BEST today, can become BETTER tomorrow". To be competent in this fast progressing global scenario, we have to be the BEST ALWAYS.

We prolong to maintain as the most trusted Service Organization.

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